FBS-EXC Series Bunching Shears for Excavators

Productive attachment for a range of excavators. Units are designed for strength and low weight. Available for excavators 12 tonnes and upwards. The AR400 thru-hardened blades are powered by heavy duty cylinders to cut through trees up to 356 mm, 381 mm and 406 mm for the three models respectively.

Model FBS1400EXC FBS1500EXC FBS1600EXC
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1625 x 1220 x 1070 1780 x 1625 x 1170 1780 x 1575 x 1700 mm
Cutting capacity 356 mm 381 mm 406 mm
Knife action Single Double Single
Excavator size 12-18 tonne 12-18 tonne 20 tonne plus
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